Snow Day!


by S:

Sunday Feb. 7 - the snow started at around dinner time and it's still blowing strong this morning Monday Feb 8th

L & I decided yesterday that we should perhaps get some flashlights just in case we lost power with this storm as high winds were predicted so after work yesterday we went and picked up the order from Canadian Tire that L had placed on line earlier in the day. So far there has been no disruption in power (fingers crossed)

The snow is interesting - super light and powdery - looking out it feels like being inside a snow globe. The high winds have created deep snow drifts in some places while other areas have little or no snow.

Visibility driving would not be great so I am taking a snow day and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get to my clients.

Both L & I sleep with our windows open - and have learned that it would be best to leave them close when snow is falling as the snow is now blocking the windows and we are unable to close them! Later this morning I will dig out my hair dryer and we'll see if that will be enough to enable us to close them!

It's hard to say how much snow we have since it's not an even accumulation but best guess would approx. 35cm

This is all new for us...kind of fun but I wonder how long it will be until the novelty wears off. 😊 Stay tuned!