ah yes... the birdies...



Well, our two chickens, Marci and Mabel, are lovely.   They are friendly and curious and very nicely behaved.   And they are giving us eggs (not that many yet, like 2 in 3 days, but a decent start!   They have been up on the patio and on the back porch - they wander freely during the day and head back to the Bunkie every evening.    

The guineas have been somewhat of a suprise -  when  I said in the last post that they were dumb as stumps - well, I must retract that and give a wholehearted apology to stumps everywhere.   GUINEAS ARE WAAAAY STUPIDER!!!!   They are entertaining, yes, and curious... but MAN oh MAN are they dumb!   The other morning S went to leave for work and all 4 of them were wandering around in front of the car - would they leave?    No.  Honking didnt get them to move, neither did slowly driving towards them.   She had to get out of the car and manually shoo them away, practically having to smack them to get them to move.    At night they can't seem to remember how to get into the Bunkie - they wander all around it,  but even though the door is wide open, they dont  go in - they want a light and snacks and a bedtime story, apparently...  so we've been closing the door so the chickens are safe and snuggled into the coop; the guineas find somewhere they like to sleep, and show up bright and early for food.   Oh, and we are beginning to suspect that one of the guineas (Gabby) might actually be a male - we hope not 'cause we dont want to have to worry about idiot babies, but at least I read that guineas are monogamous and mate for life so if s/he IS a male we only have to worry about one hen laying and hatching (prob Gracie, they seem to be very... friendly..).   However, they wander the property happily and seem to be eating ticks and other bugs so its all good.   Gives us more room in the Bunkie for more chickens - we'll be getting two from E, our handyman, and S wants 2 more that we will figure out where to get them from later on.    

Anyhow, its a lovely day - sunny and 18 degrees... the gardens are looking lovely with all the daffs and tulips and so many other little bulbs sproinging up - even the dandelions are pretty!   The turf has dried out enough that S figures its safe to mow - so between shifts she's out there sprucing the yard up.... the grass has grown so long, so quickly....

Best yet, R&K are on their way here- prob be here late next week and we are SO excited to see them!!!