around the world in 80 days...         NSsisters style...


by L:

seemed like a good day to go for a scouting mission, to see a bunch of houses down around Yarmouth... when we looked at the map to plan a route, it seemed not too bad - same difference to go back up the same way as down, (along the 101) as to go down the 101 and back up along the lighthouse route... Google Maps and Edna (the GPS "w"itch) LIED to us!!!  supposed to take just under 8 hours - was closer to 11!!!  True, part of that was a quick and unmemorable lunch at Boston Pizza in Yarmouth (weren't too many places we could find quickly that were open on a Sunday) involving a Thai chicken wrap that we were warned was "spicy"  (NOT!!!)... and a quick gas fill... and a lot of very very odd reroutes by Edna when we veered of the route she had plotted for us...  we saw some very lovely areas and some nice houses - the only one we really really liked apparently has a sale pending already... was a very long day!!!   Glad we did it, because we saw a bunch of areas and this will help us narrow down where we want to settle... but we won't be doing that route again any time soon, at least not as a one-day run!!!!