Burgers with B.


by L:

a lovely end to a lovely day - our buddy B invited us out for burgers at a favourite place of his - Jonny's in Berwick..  Excellent burgers - so fresh, including bakery buns - all sloppy juicy and delicious.   They also have ice cream - apparently it is a favourite because there was a steady stream of people for both burgers and ice cream and milkshakes...  someplace to go back to, for sure!!!  we waited about an hour, chatting happily, while our burgers were being cooked...

Once our food was ready we decided to go somewhere more scenic for our picnic - said we should find someplace with picnic tables... and this is where we ended up... not sure if B understood the concept, ha!  

afterwards we drove around a bit so B could show us some interesting local things, including his first house from when he moved here from Calgary (years ago) then around for a bit of a drive... so beautiful here!