Crow's Nest (Parker's Cove)


by L:

Wow, this place is a must-go (again and again!)   The Crow's Nest in Parker's Cove is a cozy little neighbourhood type place - old and cozy, decorated with well-loved wooden type coast/fishing decorations - not like  one of those chain restaurants that have generic country kitsch but homey and wonderful... when we go there the (small) parking lot was full to overflowing and there was a hungry horde waiting for their takeout food.... good thing we had reservations or we would not have gotten in and that would have been SAD!!!  Their menu is pretty extensive - mostly seafood of course (but they do have burgers) and is clearly a neighbourhood favourite.   Their chowder was WONDERFUL - so full of chunks of haddock and lobster that it was heaped over the bowl... the broth was not too rich like some are, more a vessel for the seafood and potatoes and not salty at all.   The "haddi-bits" (small chunks of haddock, battered and deep fried) were the best deep fried fish I've ever had - so fresh and not at all overbattered and greasy... apparently the owner's husband catches all the fish so it is fresh daily.   everything the others had was equally as good, and the service is fast and friendly.   Could not ask for a better dinner experience anywhere, we will definately go back!