by S:

Love my Tiguan -

Had a little adventure with it one afternoon when we went to look at a house. We got there a bit earlier than our agent did and so I thought we would do a little peek at the looked like there was a driveway around to the back but I started driving on it and found that it was very squishy...well I tried to back up and couldn't get traction - OH DEAR - how's that look? Guess we broke it and now we just have to buy the house...I knew that I would be able to get out if I could get to a place where I could turn around but there wasn't a lot of room on this path that definitely was not a driveway...a bit of a tense moment but eventually and a lot of careful maneuvering I was able to turn around and YAY get out - but there was a lot of evidence of my struggle! When our agent arrived I explained to her what I had done and the two of us tried our best to fix the ruts with our feet. She of course told the other agent but alas we did not have to buy the house.