Permits and Licenses and fees, oh my!


by L:

so... since S had done all the stuff re getting the insurance docs and $$ to the dealership a couple of days before we went to pick up the car, they had the ownership certificate ready (otherwise they would have had to mail it to her)... since she had everything she needed, I booked appointments for us at the provincial office (Access Nova Scotia), where you submit your vehicle registration and get the plate, and get your driver's licences, etc. Made the appointment for 5:30 for S and 6:15 for me (those were the only "back to back" appointments we could get)... so S left work an hour early and came to get me... it had started to snow around mid day and was landing pretty solidly... by the time S got home it was coming down hard and there was a special weather statement in place so it was quite ooky out. However, we bravely set forth (well *I* thought it was brave... S just rolled her eyes). We took the road suggested by Google since we were not sure where the office was... very rural but also very residential (ruridential?) and the road wasn't great. Very dark - they don't do streetlights here - so it was lucky it was snowing because the snow clouds do reflect some light. Poor S - I couldn't figure out the buttons to get the defogger going, and she had to concentrate on driving - so window inside froze up from being fogged up (I offered to stop breathing) and the windshield wiper wasn't doing much to clear the snowslush off the window... so dark road, not knowing where going, and virtually no visibility... oh and one wiper blade coming off...  not pleasant.

However, we arrived safely - parking lot, not surprisingly, was empty. Supposed to wait in car till they tell you to go in, one at a time, so S headed in at her appointment time... and the security guard said I could come in too (was freakin' cold in the car).  Quite large office and we were the only ones there (aside from the receptionist and 3 staff plus security)... and since there was no one else there, they took us both at once - her for vehicle registration and licensing and drivers license change, and me for drivers license change. Very quick - the office open till 7 but I am sure they were hoping to leave early!!! Drivers' licenses cost $81 (including HST) and have to be renewed (can do online) every 5 years; vehicle registration and permit was $300 (The price of a vehicle permit depends on its weight: the heavier the vehicle, the more you pay).  Vehicle permits have to be renewed (yep and paid for) every 2 years.  Also, vehicle inspection must be done every 2 years (this had already been done by the dealership).

took the highway home - figured it would be better plowed and less incidental traffic - saw one other car going slow slow slow like we were - he had his emergency blinkers on so S put hers on, too (found out later that The Rule Is if you are going less than 70 kph on the highway you are supposed to put your blinkers on) - completed the journey (20km or so) at about 30kph... safely home YAY.   Bring on the  cider!!!!!!