by S:

It started to snow somewhat unexpectedly mid morning and I left lots of time to get to my first client at 10:00 - I had no idea how the Tiguan would be in the snow but was able to get out of our parking area with no issue. All the roads were clear - and lots of snow plows already on the road. By the time I left the client at 11:00 it was snowing really hard and by 1:00 pm we had almost 4 inches on the ground. I had another client at 4:00 pm in Windsor which is about 30 mins away from here. I decided to give myself an hour and was happy I did - the highway was clear in most areas - there were a few patches of slush but the drivers here are great - much better than BC drivers. I arrived in Windsor with 10 mins to spare. The snow had stopped by this point. All good. When I left the client at 10pm it was a beautiful clear starry night - the moon was bright - the stars were amazing and my drive home was perfect.