by S:

When we moved I chose not to bring a lot of furniture - so for the first month all my clothes that didn't hang in the closet were in a big box in the bottom of the closet and on a small entertainment stand that our landlord had lent us. I was looking on Kijiji for a dresser and we decided to also look in a few antique stores. The first store we went to was in Windsor called Avon River Antiques - the owner was very interesting - very engaging - he had a couple of beautiful china cabinets and a ton of collectibles. Once we are settled and I have unpacked my things from the storage area I will take the record albums that I don't want to him as one of his "bread & butter" product lines is the sale of records.

We went to a couple of other antique stores in Port Williams - the Old Meeting House Antiques which was quite a small intimate space with some pretty pieces - but much more expensive than the store in Windsor - from there we went to Country Barn Antiques - which is conveniently within an easy walk from our place. One could easily spend an entire day and still not see everything. It is 4 storeys choc-a -block full of old treasures. VERY cool. There were even a couple of vintage cars on the main floor. The woman manning the shop was the granddaughter of the owner and she grew up playing in the barn as a child. Lots of history! There was a dresser that I fell in love with but I kept going back to the one I had seen easily a month earlier on Kijiji. So on the way home from that stop L got in touch with the fellow selling it and we arranged to go take a look - back to Windsor we went on Dec. 19th. A very nice fellow who refinishes antiques and sells them - I loved it and he said he would deliver it in the next couple of days at no charge - true to his word he came out the afternoon of Dec. 22nd - I still have the small cabinet thing that is on loan housing extra linens but at least most of my clothes are organized. 😊 That is the only furniture required until we move into our separate abodes as our place is not over crowded but there's not a whole lot of room for anything additional.