Happy Easter!


by L:

What a nice day!   the weather was iffy at first but brightened into a warm and sunny spring day.  S had one shift (even though it was her day off) for her favourite clients, then when she came home we did some Eastery stuff,  trading little gifts and eating chocolate.  Then S made icing and I decorated the cookies we'd made the day(s) before (we wanted to be able to give some to friends and to the vet and like that).  Then we went outside and admired the garden with the bulbs coming up... and played with Yam with a bubble wand I'd picked up - will have to get some dog-friendly soap - she likes to chase and eat the bubbles and we remember how sick 'Cuda made herself doing that... boy did Yammi have fun!  Then a lovelydinner of  ham with scalloped potatoes, and S made a delicious lemon meringue pie - yum!

Was a good day!