Happy Saturday - PS


by L:

Yep, its been a good day!   And what better way to close it out than with beer (for S that is, I think beer is ooky but she seems to like it... Mike's Hard Berry for me!) and our brand new burn barrel!    They are really good here with burning restrictions -  there is a "Check baefore you burn" website (Burnsafe) and a 1-800 number updated DAILY with that day's burning restrictions, for every county - right now we are in condition "yellow" in Annapolis County, which means "Restricted burn day - Burning is permitted between the hours of 7pm and 8am the following day".   The provincial government and the counties work together really well - across the board - to keep the citizens informed... with updated information and consistent messages whether it is for health care, burn restrictions, etc etc.   VERY impressive!!!

and finally, to end the day... some apple pie with crumb topping, from apples picked today off one of our trees!

Life in Nova Scotia is good.