Happy Saturday!


by S:

Spent a lot of the day in the yard with the whipper snipper - the east coast weed whacker...it was a recommendation from my source for all things useful - thanks, SA.  It is lightweight with rechargeable batteries with a charge time of approx. 30 mins - which is about when my battery runs out as well. 😊 the weather has been hot so this time the lawn was done over 3 days as opposed to 2 - takes between 4 & 6 hours to do the whole thing...but it's a lovely way to spend the time - there is normally a breeze here...as long as the temperature isn't over 26 - it's all good. It's been humid here as well - normally over 35%...feels like we are in the tropics.

L's renovation is pretty much done - a few little things left to do. The heat pump (which is heat & a/c) is installed (finally) upstairs but when they moved the one from downstairs (and put in a larger one in its place) it seems like the mother board decided to die... SO the installer spoke to the manufacturer and is pretty sure it's still under warranty so it's just a matter of getting parts.  Eventually.  The last week was really, really hot upstairs and very difficult to sleep - last night was LOVELY - crisp cool air coming in the open windows.  Such a treat.

Since moving work has been very sporadic - I have been doing a few more overnight shifts than I was before we moved but the regular daytime shifts are not as consistent. Senior Homecare by Angels is based out of Berwick - a good ½ hour from where we are now and it seems that most of their clients are east of there and we are a good ½ hour west... I have had a lot of time off.  It's great to have time off but still need to pay the bills so may look for different employment when I get back from Vancouver.

Vancouver!! Yay! Am really looking forward to my trip home - still think it's really stupid that Worksafe is paying my way out for what I am sure will amount to a one hour appointment - all to get me assessed for a permanent disability pension.  So they are paying the flights, 2 nights' hotel stay, taxis to and from here to the airport (or since L is going to drive me, the mileage) both ways, etc. etc. CRAZY.  However, I have extended my trip to a full 3 weeks so I can go up and spend time with R&K in Bridge Lake - will be so awesome to see everyone.  I don't miss anything about the lower mainland but miss all my friends, 4 of whom will have birthdays while I am home. SWEET!!

Speaking of sweet - I have eaten more ice cream in the last 3 months than I did in the previous 3 years in Vancouver. There are little seasonal food stands all over the place here - selling both soft serve and hard ice cream as well as burgers, fries, fish & chips, etc.  And the ice cream is reasonable - 2 cones for pretty much the same price as one at home. Good thing they are seasonal!  L has been taking lots of photos so check out the new additions. OH and speaking of new additions....check back in a couple of weeks....there should be some new pictures...