Introducing... Molly!


by L:

well, its official - we have a new family member - Molly kitten!

I was planning on getting a kitten eventually, so Twinkie would have someone to play with (Moo doesnt play too much) but was not sure when... but when I was in the vet's office in Annapolis Royal, setting up account for our 4 kitties, I was mentioning to the receptionist that I was looking for another kitten but that they were hard to find, what with people being at home for so long due to Covid -adopting everything in sight - and a client who was also in there told me I should check with Friends of Ferals, who take in and foster kittens born in feral colonies until they can be adopted out... I contacted them and it turned out they had 2 female kittens just about ready for adoption.  So, 2 days later S and I drove down (about an hour away, just south west of Digby) and met them.   Molly stole my heart - such a tiny little thing!!!   Had to wait 2 weeks till she had had her final vet check and shots and all, so the Thursday after S left for BC I drove down to collect her.   She was terrified, of course, such a new and scary place - she hid for the first 24 hours almost to the minute, then decided to come out - and within a couple of hours was zooming around like a little mad thing!    She is still very shy of me but is getting braver and will come up and let me stroke her - if Twinkie is nearby.   She ADORES  Twinkie!!!!  and he took to her right away too (hooray for kitten pheromones!) and has been awesome with her... they play and play and play and then he pins her and grooms her... .when he is tired he just lets her know and she bounces off to do something  else... Mr Popper is not as enamoured... he finds her zippiness (man - energizer bunny on doubleshot espresso!!!) alarming so avoides her - hisses quietly at her or bats her gently with his paw if she gets too close - she takes it well...   She is about 14 weeks old and is just under 3 lbs... she is a little honey and I can't wait till S gets home to see her again, and introduce her to her cousins Sherman and Teddy -  they know Someone New is in the house - she wakes up in the wee hours, all alone, and WAILS with her little baby voice - but I want to get her completely settled and used to me and all before she meets the Bogo Boyz...  that will be fun!