Mr Popper


By L:

Mr Popper (aka Moo)is my older kitty - he will be 9 this year and is a very sweet but.... complicated... little fellow. He likes to play (occasionally) with Twinkie but since he hasn't been around S's two very much it will take some time getting used to being part of a 4-cat family. He is used to being part of a "3-pack (from when we still had Penguin) but S's 2 are younger and very lively and they play a lot - quite roughly... and very happily and enthusiastically.

When Moo is happy he wanders around talking and singing (loudly) to his invisible friends... he can be a very chatty little guy!

He loves S and goes happily over to her when she calls, to get pats and scritches - but only when she is sitting down, apparently she is a Big Scary Monster when she stands up or walks...

His very favourite thing is being combed (I just say "comb-comb" and he comes running). He is definitely NOT impressed with having his nails clipped...