Making new friends - happy birthday to us!


by L:

first off - thanks to all of you for all the cards, calls, email and texts wishing both S and I happy birthday(s)!  much appreciated!

So, today we started nice and slow - S made me a special bday breakfast then we decided to do some more EMS (Essential Marketplace Shopping) and found a cool hanging flowerbasket frame thing that we liked.    Decided to go for a drive - lovely sunny day! and headed off to Cape Split - wow so different than last time we where there (in January)!  no snow, everything is green... we didn't take many pictures since it turned  oddly hazy up there... then headed back to Wolfville as S had a dog-walking appointment scheduled (she volunteers with ElderDog - check it out) with a fat little dachsund (who turned out to be a boat anchor who did NOT want to walk...  After that, we stopped to get some tasty beverages at a local farm market (Elderkins cider).   A frosty cider later, we kidnapped B to go for burgers... back to Jonny's!  They were busy, as always, but was a shorter wait... I made an executive decision (I was driving) to go to somewhere other than the picnic table graveyard (nursery?) for our picnic... and since we had to go the same way to pick up our basket hanger thing, we headed back to Clairmont Provincial Park for our picnic.  B was very confused by where we were going - he'd never been there - but liked it.    After the burgers were done we continued the kidnappage to go collect the hanger thing then headed back... made a side trip so B could show us his workshop - he has a metal roofing business, where they make (and subsequently install) metal roofs...  was interesting until we heard The Goats... poor B was a little perplexed at how quickly he lost us (well, he lost S - I had already bailed because I saw a kitty in the field beside the building)... sorry, B - animals!!!  Animals trump machinery and such!  The goats were very friendly - there were two males and one nanny with two little kids - so cute!!!!  (and so rude, jumping with their sharp little hooves to stand on mom!)   They seemed quite taken with us too and we will have to go back and see them again.... one last side trip to get eggs for B and we were home.   A great day!