My kitten is insane.


by L

no, seriously, she is insane.   And Amazon, sadly, does not sell kitten-sized straighjackets (I checked).   I had totally forgotten what little zaniacs kittens are... she is SO goofy and adorable!!!!  Even grumpy Mr Popper is starting to play with her - HUGE breaktrhough there!    She still adores Twinkie to bits, and she loves Moo, too... and string... and bits of paper, and dust... she is snuggly and afffectionate - what a loud and happy purr she has!!!  a happy, happy little animal...   Still afraid of the Big Scary Monster known as S, but she is starting to come around a bit...  wont take long before she runs up for cuddles and naptime on S like she does with me...