New Years' Day 2021


by S:

Was a beautiful day and there was a house that had caught my eye on a real estate listing that I wanted to drive by, so we decided to take a road trip down to Annapolis Royal - this was where we had originally LOVED when we were down last year and wanted to see the area with fresh eyes - knowing a bit more about what we want to be close to when we decide on the area to permanently settle in.

We like to drive along the old highway (Hwy 1) which for the most part is a two lane highway that goes through the residential areas and is much more scenic.

We left early, figuring that we would get a late lunch on the way back (providing anything was open)

The house was beautiful. The thing that drew me to this one in particular is it was renovated into 2 separate suites. I got out to take some pictures and when I was about to get back in the car a woman called from across the street to ask if I was looking for the owner. I said no I was just looking at the house - she was walking her dog and of course I can't resist say hullo to a four legged friend so crossed over to say hullo. The woman was very friendly and we got to chatting - she was originally from BC - had been in Annapolis Royal for 15 years and lived next door to the house in question - she told me that it was over priced and needed quite a lot of work. She loves the community, it's very friendly, lots of social activities (not so much currently with the COVID restrictions but prior) was great to get the inside scoop.

We did a drive around the town and then headed back towards home. At this point we were getting hungry and didn't really want drive-thru so were looking for a restaurant/pub where we could dine in. Last fall when we were down we had lunch at a pub with our friend in Middleton so we thought we would see if they were open. As luck? Would have it they were pretty much the only place in town that were. So in we went.   The Capitol Pub is a converted theatre - a nice open plan with a traditional pub on one side (pool tables, high top eating tables, bar) and the other side is a 6 table eating area with bright windows overlooking the main street. We choose the same table we sat at last year at the window. The menu is varied - but 2 strikes and it's a no go for a 3rd try. I had Spicy Chicken soup which had maybe 2 chunks of chicken and the sauce tasted liked Frank's hot sauce added to a cream base, very forgettable. L had some sort of Philly sandwich... with their ubiquitous (said L) BBQ sauce.

The Capitol Pub is added to our places not to go back to. ☹