Our cats are weird.


by L:

I swear we have the weirdest cats ever..... two of them in particular... Sherman is realtively normal, if obsessed with food.   pretty easygoing.   Twinkie is a perpetual kitten - I dont think he will ever  grow up or get an adult brain - he is SO very curious - cannnot keep him out of closets, cupboards, the dishwasher.... have had to rescue him several times from behind the hot water tank - he's a stealth ninja when it comes to open doors....  and he INSISTS on being right in the thick of things when we are doing anything in the kitchen,,, but he is SO happy and good natured all the time.   Then there is the other two... Mr Popper walks around talking and singing to his invisible friends, who apparently like to hide behind closed doors... he is fascinated by Sherman and wants to play - but when Sherman goes to play with  him, he hisses and runs away.   His (Moo's) favourite game is "smacky-paw" - there is a gap under the bedroom doors just big enough for a paw to stick out - so when it is bedroom time for Sherman and Teddy, they stick their paws under the door and Moo, on the outside, smacks at them... gets a little extreme (yes, Extreme Smacky Paw!) and they quite happily make lots of noise and thoroughly enjoy themselves.   Then there is Tedddy - the little hooligan...   he is the most high  energy of the four, and when he can't find someone else to play with him - he finds his own fun.   Started with the printer, which lives in S's bedroom - when he is in the bedroom (Sherman and Teddy have free run at night so my two get the morning) and he is bored, Teddy has learned that smacking the buttons on the printer makes it make Excting Noises and it spits paper.   Niiiice... especially at 2 in the morning... but wait!  There's a New Good Toy!!!  a few weeks ago I bought a roomba-type vaccum (which has been named Hoffman), which does an awesome job - gets all the crumbs and cat hair all on its own, then when full and/or out of "juice" head back to his base to recharge... the cats were afraid of it at first, but now Teddy stalks it and  has decided that it is FUN to chase... and if Hoffman is inactive, well TBear just smacks the lit button - and Hoffman will play with him!!  YAY!!! not so much fun for us because it is usually when everyone else is sleeping and it is very very quiet - 3 times the other night and I finally had to totally unplug Hoffman and turn him upside down so Teddy would leave him alone...

Our cats are weird.   Especially Teddy.