Property plans update


by S:

We are getting there! After an exhausting 11 hour tour of the province and another shorter tour (only just over 4 hours!) we have narrowed down where we want to be (we hope!) We have decided that we really, really want a water view - our preference would be oceanrofnt, second would be lake shore, the third would be ocean view and the fourth would be lake view...We love Lunenburg County - Shelburne, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg all absolutely GORGEOUS. With this sorted we met with the real estate agent who we met last year and told him what we are looking for - a house that we can suite into 2 separate living areas, or a lot with an existing house that is large enough to build a second small home on. After that meeting we decided that we should meet with our landlord (who is also a builder/developer) and told him what we are thinking and asked him to give us the current cost of building our dream duplex - IF we can get a lot at the right price we just MAY be able to swing it - he has a friend who is a real estate salesperson and she specializes in vacant lots - the building option means that we will be where we are now until next Spring. We shall see how it all unfolds - it will unfold exactly as it should.