PuppyQuest 2021


by S:


After searching for a dog locally for months and months I decided to look beyond Nova Scotia and even Canada... found a few different rescue organizations in Nova Scotia that work with kill shelters in Texas and put an application in with 3 different ones.   I was initially looking for a dog - 3 years or younger - and there were a couple that I put my name in for but didn't get...then one evening when I was looking I came across a puppy - a 6 week old puppy that stole my heart.  I inquired  about her...she was one of a litter of 5 - known as the Thanksgiving Litter. Her siblings were: Pumpkin & Cranberry (also girls) and Giblet & Turkey (the two boys). Yam and Pumpkin were twins and their foster mom couldn't tell them apart unless they were right next to each other... (Yam was the smaller of the two).  Tammy (their foster mom) was terrific, sending the adoptive parents video updates a couple of times a week and we soon discovered that Yam was quite the smart puppy...figuring out how to escape from their pen (and teaching the other puppies the trick) the wait from the beginning of November until mid-December took FOREVER.

Then came The Snowstorms...