Hi I'm Sherman. When mom adopted me I was Tommy - but mom thought I suited Sherman better - something to do with my size? I dunno...I'm called either Shermie or the Shermanator, sometimes just Big Guy. Yeah - I'm pretty good at breaking into things, cupboards, bags of cat food, can't quite get the jar of Temptations open - why'd they have to put a screw top lid on those things??? Between my brother & me I am the most playful - my favourite things are pens, twist ties, and pretty much anything I'm not supposed to have. I don't get yelled at though coz I'm pretty cute. When we're not snuggling me and Teddy like to wrestle...we can get pretty noisy though and mom says it's good that we are on the ground floor of places always coz we'd get complaints from the neighbours otherwise. She says we sound like a small herd of elephants. Mom says dumb things sometimes.  

Together Teddy & Me are the Bogo Boyz (Bboyz for short) coz we came as a buy one get one free deal from the adoption people - pound for pound mom says we were a pretty good deal.