The Big Exciting day is here!!


by L:

YIPPEE!!!!   Double bonus!  Not only are we finally sprung from Quarantine today - our STUFF IS ARRIVING EARLY!   

Landlord came with a buddy at 9:00am and picked up his furniture so we would have room for ours... and he left the keys under the mat of the vehicle he had offered to loan us (he lives basically 2 doors over) so S collected it just before the movers arrived -  will have to go with them to the  storage place we've rented to let them into it and all...

boxes boxes boxes we (okay, fine, *I*) have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!

we'd presorted the things to go into storage (furniture, boxes etc) and the movers had loaded the truck accordingly... so it didnt take too long to bring all the "for here" stuff in (did I mention I have too much stuff???).. a few of the things we'd marked for storage ended up here - we caught most of them in  time - and because they were coming in so quickly we had to direct them on the fly as to what went where... so we will have some sorting  to do...  but it is SO nice to have our stuff!!!