Welcome, Lucy!


by S:

After looking for many months on the FurEver Friends Facebook page I found Lucy - I fell in love with her sweet face and her foster mom had such great things to say about her. On September 30th L & I drove to NB to pick her up. It was a beautiful day for a drive, warm & sunny and unlike the trip to pick up Yam, the transport bus made really good time.  When I took her to the vet for the first time here I was told that she had heartworm - all the documentation on the rescue site said that she was heartworm negative - what a huge shock!!  And then the research began - in the states they have a lot of heartworm cases - not so here... there is no way to make the long story short so won't bore with the details... but part of the long story is that L & I are going on a road trip next week with Lucy to PEI and a cardiologist appointment - YAY!

The good news is that Lucy & Yam are besties.  AND Lucy transitioned seamlessly into the zoo. She is a great dog - a happy dog whose tail wags all the time.  She loves car rides and cuddles...is getting used to the cold & windy days... romps and plays - one of the favourite games being tug-o-war. Does MY heart good to watch them.  Yam is quite happy to stay home from daycare these days - L lets them out a couple of times a day when Yam is home - on the 1 day a week when Yam goes to daycare Lucy sleeps - earning the nickname from L "the Pet Rock" - she is a really easy dog...a wonderful addition to my little 4 legged family!