We're baaaaaaaack///


by L

Hullo again!

I know - we havent updated our blog for a very long time... bad, bad S & L!   Anyhow, all is well here... We LOVE LOVE LOVE our house and home and the area and all!   the view to the river is just spectacular...  such a nice way to wake up in the morning, hearing the birds and drinking coffee while watching the mist rise up off the river and ground, a slow reveal to our amazing view....

So, a lot has happened (duh) since last blog... our change of address cards went up but they screwed up the printing and chopped off the postal code... my bathroom  reno is 90% done - SO WONDERFUL!!!  it is the first time I've ever had a nice large bathroom with storage and a nice large medicine cabinet and and and... LOOOOOVE my custom bathroom!   Supposedly the boys are coming back down tomorrow after work to finish it up - then all I have to do is find a nice shelving/wardrobe type thing and it will be done...   has taken far longer than we were expecting because tradies here are swamped and in high demand, and our buddy B who is doing  the GC stuff for us has to come down between his 3 other businesses and bring his guy with him, and try to schedule the electrician and plumber and all around their other jobs - and we are an hour west of them so it adds two hours to their day.... but they are all super when we get them and are doing a great job.

Lets see...  oh yes, with such a large property there is no way we could manage with a regular lawnmower- so we bought a ride on (with B's help) a hoofty lovely wonderful Cub Cadet ("Cubby") that is SO much fun to drive it feels like a recreational toy...  takes about 4 1/2 -5 hours to do the whole property... once a week....

OOOH we finally got our dishwasher installed - so  nice!  so quiet!   

S bought a wonderful sofa set but I was waiting till I had a clear view of my space - once the boxes were more ordered and/or unpacked) but I finally ordered one, should be here in a  few days... we have been finding things on Facebook Marketplace - some big things some little - and are loving  that!   and of course Amazon shows up every day or so... (grin)... the shopping here is great, we are no more than 15 min from grocery stores and NSLC (they have GOOOD cider and beer here!) and lots of farmers' markets and roadside stalls.   Its so charming - the roadside stalls sell everything from eggs to fruit and veg to artisanal craft things - with little sheds or shelves by the side of the road and the end of their driveways, with an honour box to put your money in  (and get change if required).   They really emphasize shopping locally here, which we do whenever possible.   There is a Home Hardware about 15 min away, very friendly staff (pretty much everyone  is friendly here!!!) and if we want more selection or more Stuffs, there is a Canadian Tire, Walmart, etc etc about a half hour away...

Well... back to unpacking (okay fine, back to playing a game on my phone and drinking coffee but really, it has been a busy morning what with an early run to Timmy's (we were out of coffee and that is a Bad Thing) and then to Walmart and then to get groceries) !!!