Back home...


by S:

September flew by - got right back into work and the month flew by... the lawn of course was badly in need of mowing and it took quite a while before the weather cooperated enough to allow me to get out on the tractor. Did some yard maintenance, planted the bulbs that we bought at Costco and I brought home with me from Vancouver.  L found a young fellow who does pretty much everything and she hired him to do the heavier yard maintenance. Our weed whacker (or whipper snipper as it's called here) is great but quite light duty so it's awesome to "have a guy" who is able to do the heavier stuff.  Our yard is looking much tidier.

We bought some gorgeous Iris rhizomes locally and planted them as well...and THEN we remembered that ages ago we ordered bulbs from Vessey's (an Atlantic Canada garden supplier) and we went a bit crazy - another 150 bulbs to plant.  Yeah.  Done for the year... hopefully it will be pretty in the Spring.

We are hung out bird feeders - and have so many bluebirds - they are beautiful... lovely markings and a super soft blue but wow are they piggies!   Also we have a large flock of mourning doves...  We had to fill the feeders every other day and now it's every day.  R&K gave us an Amazon gift card and we purchased 2 feeding stands for the birds and now we are getting the little song birds as well as the bluebirds.  So entertaining... we have a pheasant (Phineas) who visits occasionally... and sleeping on the river side of the house I am quite often woken up by the geese on the river... why?  why are they awake and being noisy at 3 a.m.???

Love our spot... love the creatures we share our space with.  We also have a resideet skunk  (Mr Stinky) who wanders by now and then OH and we saw a mink (Mr Slinky) - well we THINK it was a mink a few weeks back, just kind of wandering through...