But What About Molly???


by L:

I have been Firmly Reminded that it cannot be all about Yam - Molly should get equal billing, especially since she joined us first...  so here goes!

Molly is a total delight - a happy happy affectionate playful little kitten - she loves everyone and everything, and purrs the minute you touch her...   She and Yam are firmly BFFs - and they both seem to believe she is a puppy, not a kitten!  I was waiting till she was a bit older to have her spayed, but... she went into heat a little early.   Apparently kittens can go into heat earlier than 6 months, and while you normally have to wait till its over before spaying - they can go in and out of heat every 2 weeks so it is hard to catch.   They cannot be left in heat(s) for long as if they are not mated or the heat is not stopped (don't ask how!!!) they grow cysts on their ovaries which can be very painful and I guess eventually can cause beaucoup Issues - but we were lucky and she cycled out just in time.... so in she went.    She came through the surgery just fine - was wonky and wobbly for a few hours because of the anaesthetic but that cleared.... however... The Cone.   Poor little thing had to a wear The Cone for 2 weeks!   holy guacamole did it throw her off for a while - wobbly walking, bumping into things, balance off - she figured it out pretty quickly (including how to get it off) and after a few days was back to being a zoomy beast.   We had to keep an eye  on Yam because grabbing by the cone or the cone-ties and dragging Molly around was a Fun Game - and of course Molly wass fine with it because "that's how us puppies play" - but no.  Just no.   Anyhow, the 2 weeks passed and she was sprung.... back to her usual grace and flexibility.     Molly is happy playing with everyone - Yam is her favourite but Twinkie still plays chase with her and even Mr Popper plays with her (more than Twinkie, now, actually).   She is a little seagull and wants to eat EVERYTHING - her favourites are puppy chow (of course) and S's breakfast yogurt... num num num!