bwok bwok bwok


by S:

We were buying eggs at $2.99 per dozen, which compared to lower mainland prices are a steal,  when one of my clients told me about another really great place to buy eggs - my new favourite place to go for 2 reasons...the eggs of course BUT they also have a very friendly (slightly overweight) concierge who gave me a world class tail waggin' greeting! She is so pretty and so sweet that I if I knew anyone to gift eggs to I would go everyday just to say hi to the dog...OH but I digress...the EGGS!

Apparently this particular farm has hens in training (juvenile hens) who produce slightly smaller eggs and you can get a basket of those (between 30 & 40 eggs) for $4.00 - there is a big sign on the road, you pull in, there is a big cooler and signs with pricing information and a box where you deposit your money and voila! Eggs - there are even double yolks eggs available for $3.00 per dozen! Crazy!

The first box I purchased had 36 eggs in it - yes! For $4.00 - and the scrambled eggs I made this morning were delicious!