Catch Up Time!


by S:

So...September...  seems like a really long time ago...  flew out to Vancouver on WorkSafe's dime to have a long term disability assessment done - funny that it couldn't be done in Nova Scotia but no...  had to go back out to BC.  The flight from Halifax was delayed, thus I missed my connecting flight from Toronto to Vancouver, spent the night in Toronto and I arrived in Vancouver in time for my meeting but my luggage did not.  A quick trip to the mall and Westjet bought me some new duds.  The assessment meeting was 15 mins.   Yep! 15 mins.  It must have cost WorkSafe at least $3000 when you figure in transportation to and from our house to the airport (over 2 hours each trip) airfare, 2 nights accommodations, food vouchers, and taxi to and from the hotel to the meeting.  What a colossal waste of money!   And today (Nov. 8th) I found out that the decision on my disability pension allowance is likely to take between 7-9 months - wow.

The trip out West was too quick - the time flew by and I wasn't able to see everyone I wanted to.  I really wanted to get down to Portland to see R & family... I missed seeing some of my coworkers from Home Instead - R, M, & K - miss you all!   I had a really good stay with B & I and their new puppy... so great to spend time with them.   And K & R on their farm out in Aldergrove.  Oh my goodness... no shortage of laughs and animal love!  J & I got to all our old usual haunts including the dahlia place in Mission!   YAY!   Dahlias for next year... we'll be ready!  We went up to Bridge Lake to see R & K - was far too short but great to see them both!  The trip to the West coast will be an annual one...I miss everyone so very much!!  

the hotel in Richmond (Comfort Inn) leaves a complimentary duckie in each room...