hi, remember us?


by L:

yah, I know its been a while since I updated our blog... have been "somewhat" stressed with the closing of my condo sale - not easy with 4 hour time difference and cross-country logistics... by my agent has been great and we got the paperwork in on time (unexpectedly!) and it closes Wednesday so all is well.    A brief update of the past couple of weeks:

Nice road trip to the South Shore - will be going back next week so will post pics and details later...

Bought my car!  I liked S's (red) 2014 Tiguan so I bought a 2011  - closest that I could get to a convertible but more suited to the weather here... humongous sunroof that stretches pretty much whole length of car, both front and back (only front opens)... silvery light sandstone in colour...  comfy and handles nicely. 

cats (specifically Moo) seem more settled - Teddy and Sherman do seem to delight in bugging him but he is now pretty much taking Teddy in stride... still fascinated by Sherman although he freaks when Sherman pays him any attention (ie stalks him)... but is definitely better...

love you all!