Mondays are good - no, really!!!


by L:

it was a busy, busy day today!   Mondays usually are, since its S's one weekday day off - most things are closed Sundays, which is actually nice...

Because we were going to be busy and shopping and all,  Yam went to day care... she LOVES it there!!!   Big kudos to Donna of Holmes Doggie Ranch - she takes awesome care of the dogs - doesn't let them misbehave, they play and nap and play play play - they all LOVE it and she, clearly, loves all of them... and Yam comes home totally baked.

Some minor chores, then home to get delivery of..... (... drumroll...)... our new chicken coop!   Yep, we're getting chickens!   Fresh eggs will be nice, but the chickens'  main function  will be to eat tics... I, in particular, am totally ticphobic so having chickens will be awesome - and they apparently make really nice, friendly, sociable pets.   We had some ideas on where to get some chicks, then our handyman found out and was delighted to offer us FREE chickens- he hatched way too many and wanted to get rid of some, so score!!!   Not sure when they will arrive, as they are too young to sex yet - we DO NOT want a rooster, only hens!    The coop (I think we should call it the Palais de Poulet - S doesnt seem to likr that name) is pretty skookum -  we will be getting handyman to dig out the gravel its on and level it so we can get a roll of turf for it to sit on... it is living right by the back stairs so easy access for me to collect eggs and feed them etc, and easier to weatherproof it next winter.... so cool, we can't wait!!!!