Monday - our fun day...


by L:

A busy day today!   Mr Popper had a vet visit - just a checkup, he's seemed off lately and I wanted to catch any potential Issues (like the UTI he had a few months back...) before they became problematic... he's fine, just needs some probiotics, that will probably nip Things in the bud...  S had to go to physio, so Yam went to playcare (which she LOVES!!!) then when S got home we headed down to Digby to commit some shoppage    Took my car since -SPRING!!! - S had her winter tires taken off Friday and has to get them torqued or something before she puts more km on...  Beautiful cold but clear day!  First to Canadian Tire to pick up more wire fencing to go around ou bulb gardens and plantings - Yam turns out to be an Enthusuatic Digger...  Next we went to Guys Frenchys, a very very very popular clothing and misc household store - stock overruns and "gently used" things... looking for some cheap tshirts for a project S wants to try (rag rugging)... had some but seemed a little pricier than she wanted....  then we went to the Fish Market - it was closed last time we were there.    Wanted to get some nice haddok but they were just out... and they only have frozen - I seem to recall that a lot of fishing vessels clean and freeze at sea, this would be the case here - they had some lovely shrimp and we also got some fishcakes... there were a few random flakes of snow right by the water but nothing of any note.

Finally off to Walmart to pick up noodly soup and other stuffs... then a quick stop at Mcd's for ice cream (after side by side comparisons we have decided that their soft-serve cones are better than DQ!)... then home to collect a baked Yam -- she was just SO tired!