Off we go to the South Shore... again...


by L:

yep - off again... several places we just ran out of steam for on our megatour last week, so off we headed to the South Shore again.... another glorious day - we've been so lucky and have always enjoyed splendid weather for our road trips - and it was nice that I good drive this time, so Shelagh could look around more than you can when you are driving... so we headed out again... Edna did her usual best to mess us up with totally bizarre routing... ( I think she was still miffed that we went off-track last trip) but it was a nice day anyhow!  didn't see anything that really grabbed us - turns out real estate listings' pictures aren't always very accurate (who knew the internet could lie???) but we did make it to the french bakery (Boulangerie la Vendeenne) in Blockhouse/Mahone Bay before they ran out of croissants etc so that was excellent - their croissants taste just like the ones I had in Paris so many years ago, totally different than the usual ones here. - well worth a trip just to there!... then we headed down to our farthest destination in Liverpool - a large place which looked lovely but was on a very busy road and didnt have an awesome view of the river... then we decided it was time for lunch and were looking for a nice pub or something like that - S found a place with 4 1/2 stars out of 5, featuring chowder and like that - so we went to The Cellar - very hesitant at first because it looks really sketchy outside - not much better inside - turns out it is also a bowling alley... but had WONDERFUL shrimp & haddock chowder, yum! then off to another place near Lunenburg, down a long (like a couple km) very muddy rutted dirt road (my poor once clean Tiggy is now a muddy mess 😢)...  didn't even make it to see the house because Edna apparently decided to strand us in the wildeconstruction delrness and the house did not exist... we scolded her severely and made our way back to civilization (lucky I have a good sense of direction!)...  next house fairly nearby - another oceanfront one - also on a muddy dirt road so didn't even go all the way to it - bad roads are not something we want to have to deal with regularly!  then off to one last place on the way home - a lovely lovely lakefront place - but turns out it has a sale pending... so no real luck today except it really has narrowed down out preferred area(s) and what we want, so that's good... then home we headed... but what's this?????  ROAD CONSTRUCTION???!!!  was almost surreal - doing about 5 km of road construction - looked like they are making  the  highway wider, perhaps to divide it (really good people mover highways  here) so they had it down from  4 lanes to one - waited about 10 min - first time we've seen that level of construction delay here... but the day was sunny and bright so all was well... then home with no further interruptions.   A good day!