our first NS New Year's Eve


by S:

Neither L nor I are really big on celebrating. When mom was living in Sechelt (keep in mind she was in her 80's when this story happens) she and her friends would dress up for the event and go to a couple of different house parties where they played games together and rang in the New Year - most times getting home in the wee hours of the New Year. Both L & I would often pick an alternate time zone (AB being the most popular) and celebrate their New Year and then call it a night! I believe one year I celebrated NS New Year and was in bed at 8. LOL

This year we thought we would go to the Port Pub (crawling distance from our place) but when we called (as they suggested we do) to see how busy they were - at around 6:30pm there was a line up out the door with approx. 30 minute wait. So we decided on a selection of appetizer/party foods and stayed home & watched Prime TV. At midnight we were surprised to see fireworks out our living room window from the adjacent farm - not a big display but a very nice unexpected surprise! We finished whatever show we were watching and went to bed.

New Years' Day we went for a nice drive - unlike Christmas Day, things were open. Not that we shopped, just sayin'....