by S:

It is a gorgeous day so Yam & I headed out for a walk.   We also had groceries to pick up in Annapolis so I thought the fort (Fort Anne) would be a great place to go. We parked at the Farmers market site and as we walked across the street I noticed a sign saying Promenade... curious!  So we checked that out and found that it went all the way along the water front to the fort... yay! Yam hasn't been socialized with people ... so this is all new and a bit scary for her but she did very well.  We will make this a regular event now that the weather is improving.  There is always a good breeze off the ocean there so although the sun was shining it was cooler than I had anticipated... the walk was just shy of 2 miles and at our slow pace it took 45 mins.  So happy to have a walking companion - it doesn't matter how fast or slow or long or short we walk.   All good!!