R & K !!!


by L:

It is SO wonderful to have R&K here - in the same time zone (and, for another few days, in the same house)...

Was a BUSY and frazzlefilled couple of months before they could move - had to decide what to bring with them and what to purge - at the same time, during the last month, they were training the new purchasers (or their staff) and dealing with sale-related store issues with a... Special and Challenging Purchaser... and packing at night.   They loaded everything they could into a large metal seacan thingy - which was picked up a few days before they left and subsequently brought here...  Loaded the rest of their immediate-need stuff (clothes and Gizmo's things, etc) in their truck, and after completing the sale, they spent a few days with K's folks in Gibsons before heading out on their cross-country odessy... took only 11 days (including a couple of nights in Truro) - they did lots of driving and saw lots of stuff.   They had wanted to spend some time in Ottawa but apparently the traffic etc was just horrible and it just wasn't worth it... Montreal wasn't as bad - not sure if they will go back and give it another shot (if so it won't be for a while)... After finally crossing into Nova Scotia, they spent a couple of nights in Truro with some friends from Bridge Lake who had moved here about 6 months after we did...

Finally they arrived here  -  SO nice to have them here at long last!    It wasn't really a big adjustment having all of us here in the same house - multiple bedrooms and bathroooms - but it has been hard on them living out of suitcases for 3 months.   They do have some space of their own - the guest bedroom connects to the parlour, which is theirs for the nonce, but still it's pretty crowded as I (still) have some boxes to unpack in there (long story, never mind...) and they have Stuff...  but they are uncomplaining and happy to be here (or so it seems).   They have been awesome, doing all sorts of chores and grocery shopping and helping out so much, and just being able to spend time catching up has been splendid.

Their house search was a trying time (isn't it always!!!)   They did the same thing we did, going all around to see what area they liked to start their search...  but after seeing many many many houses they were getting discouraged... nothing they liked, in the price range they could afford... waffled a bit then decided to look for a nice rental place instead of buying... then rewaffled and started looking at buying again... R was kind of all over the map as far as area etc etc... we were a little sad when he started looking into areas that were 3-4 hours away, but he kinda bounced all over the map (K just rides it out).   Finally - after looking at 20 houses - they found a perfect place only an hour and a quarter west of here, in Saulnierville.   It's right on the  coast, has lovely ocean views, and is about halfway between Digby and Yarmouth (about 45 min to either).   It's in the Acadian section, in the district & municipality of Clare - an area with a whole lot of history and a unique Acadian culture.   Interestingly, the street signs all have French first, then English - quite unique.  They get possession of their new home in a few days and will be moving in less than a week!!!