so lovely here!


by L:

another lovely day - chilly but bright and sunny... so time for another drive!  we like to just head out and make up a route as we go along... today we headed up to Canning, then across to Kingsport - a lovely little community right on  the Minas Bay... would be a lovely place to live but I am sure that waterfront properties (if they every come up for sale) are $$$... then we headed up along the coast to Medford and beyond, all the way to the end of the road, which leads to Blomidon Provincial Park.   Park was closed for the season, except the  lower parking lot where the trail heads are, and there were a few hardy souls going hiking...  beautiful area!  I posted a couple of shots but I dont think  they show enough detail- the colors in the water were so pretty and the beach and hillside has that really red cast... looking forward to what its like in the  spring!