What to do??


By S: 

Once we had settled into our routine I started to look for a job - applied for one, had 3 interviews over Zoom and was hired to start on the Tuesday (Dec 8) after we got out of quarantine.  In the months before we moved I had been looking for a good used vehicle and had narrowed my search down - I put a deposit down on a 2014 VW Tiguan - pending a test drive once we were out of quarantine - on Monday Dec. 7th L & I went to Auction Direct in Lower Sackville - about an hour's drive from where we are (in the van that our landlord had loaned us) - we test drove the vehicle - I loved it - took it to Napa and had it inspected - they said there were no concerns with it...but I got cold feet and decided not to take it and we came home without it.