Work update


by S:

I still love my job - I have some really great clients - some are super easy and very entertaining - we just (quite literally) chat for the hour visit, and then I have a couple that have dementia and are more challenging - and I have a few that fall somewhere in the middle. BUT they are all terrific and I feel blessed to be able to serve them.

Up until now I have only had one day off a week and have still been working almost 40 hours a week - some very long days! But it's been ok because the weather has been so super cold (the wind is really the issue) and other than venturing out to look at the various communities we haven't really had a lot that we wanted to do. Daylight savings time and more daylight at the end of the day and (eventually) the weather warming up I decided to starting next week take 2 days off a week - and then 2 weeks after that I am only going to be available on the 5 days from 7am - 6pm - a vast improvement over the current schedule. 😊 

ps by L:

was nice to have a sleep in day today - normally we are up at 6, to have coffee together before S heads out - but she had a late start today (supposed to be her day off but they needed one shift covered)... so we were able to sleep in an  hour.. nice to get up when its light again, after the time change it was back to pitch dark at 6 - the weather has been really good lately - very very cold and windy (with wind chill its like -23) but sunny and the snow has all disappeared -  tress are showing leaves again and it looks like spring is imminent... but OH NO!!! special weather warning out, saying beaucoup snow on  Friday... 10-15 cm... oh well it won't last long... 🤞 but I guess I'd better get groceries tomorrow just in case... can't risk running out of coffee... that would be BAD!!!